Planning, Value Enhancement and Development Advice

Our solutions are client focused and tailored to the specific property matter. We have our own unique methods for disposing and/or searching for property so contact us to find out more.

 Independent Planning and Development Advice

No matter what sector of property you own be it industrial, office, residential, rural or leisure, value of the asset is always high up on the list of priorities. The market is constantly changing and there is a real need to ensure you are achieving the best use for your property.

We provide advice to commercial developers, residential home owners, farmers - in fact anyone who would like to benefit from some professional development and planning knowledge enabling them to retain the profit of their asset rather than passing it on. The following case studies illustrate some recent projects where Coverwood has enabled owners 'realise' their true asset value or helped position themselves to maximise the value and or achieve a sale in a difficult market.


Country House Redevelopment

The client owned a 5,500 sq ft country house together with cottage/garage and approximately 50 acres in the Surrey Hills. The house was built in the 1960's and was ripe for redevelopment.

Rather than sell to a developer for a depressed price, Coverwood carried out an audit which included measurement exercise, planning history review and potential development opportunites. From these outline costings (including residual valuation)we could ascertain the gross development value - ie what it is worth to the end user. This guaranteed our client a clear view of what their property was worth and helped them determine the options available to them.

Development Site Disposal


Acting on behalf of a family trust, Coverwood provided a full advice and disposal service to maximise value.

The historical industrial site sucessfully obtained a change of planning use to residential land and following a carefully planned and managed marketing programme, a number of bids were received resulting in a final sale price three times in excess of it's original land value.

Site Regeneration Strategy


Coverwood, acting in its capacity as property advisor to SOG Ltd, one of the UK's most successful regeneration companies, has been actively involved in the regeneration of a 108 site in Dagenham,  East London. The facility which is currently a pharmaceutical manufacturing site, owned and run by Sanofi has undergone an intensive master planning process resulting in the successful grant of planning permission for a mixed use site.

Key to the overall development is the creation of a science and technical park.